...As they say, God closes one door and opens another. This is Kodi, our new baby kitty. We found him at the Humane Society. He's very smart and we learned he is part Turkish Van cat who are also known to swim.

Kodi bites our toes to wake us in the morning. His favorite toys are the Geckos outside. He's "on" from 6 to 10 am running, jumping and playing. He helps us do all our chores including washing clothes and cleaning his litter. He can shred paper like a pro and no bug is safe with him around.

He's only a year and 2 months and weighs 12 lbs. He loves all cat food and insists on tasting everything we eat as well. 

We named him Kodi because his beautiful coat reminds us of Kodiak bears. He's actually more like a sweet gentle little cotton ball.  

We will never forget Spanky and Alfie, but we are no longer lonely now that Kodi is here for us to love.


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